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About the book

The Sustainable Dentist's book features information on socially responsible business practices.

We’re living in a new era — one where people are more socially conscious and seek dentists who can not only treat their oral health but also do it in a way that benefits society. Becoming a sustainable dentist isn’t a gimmick or a fad. It’s part of an evolution of all-inclusive thinking that not only benefits patients but also the environment. Also, it enhances your financial bottom line. It’s a part of an emerging lifestyle whose broader focus includes furthering the greater good of society. You will not be able to ignore it as we move forward into the New Normal; it will require finding new safety procedures and practices to deal with crises like global pandemics and the challenges of climate change.

In this exciting and innovative book, you will learn about the benefits of becoming a Sustainable Dentist! Wherever you are in the process, this book provides:

Leadership Tips
Practice Examples
Case Studies